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10/9/09: Cuddle Party
10/10/09: Picnic + Rally

Ninth Annual Poly Pride Day
10/10/2009, from Noon - 6pm
Great Hill, Central Park, New York City
Enter from Central Park West at 106th Street

This is the main event, and the one that started Poly Pride Day! Gather at noon, bring your own picnic lunch, and get a full day of insight and entertainment. Catch up on the latest humor, research, law, press, literature and music relevant to the growing polyamorous movement - in New York City, and around the nation. Friends, family, poly-curious, and poly-friendly are all welcome at this truly special, unique event.

Speakers and Performers:

  • Houston Bernard and Bonfire Bandit
    By popular demand, Houston Bernard will be making a return appearance this year - and this time, he's bringing his new backup band! His videos have been featured on Logo and his albums have won critical acclaim, but he's also a human rights activist touring the world promoting free speech. Houston's career has a wide range of music styles from outrageously lewd to soulful and heartfelt. His most recent incarnation is more inspirational than sexual, but he's always sexy and always a superstar. This will be the worldwide debut for Bonfire Bandit, and they will be premiering new material from their forthcoming album.
  • Kelli Dunham will be our esteemed Master of Ceremonies! We are thrilled to have her - a comic, ex-nun, huge nerd, and Wisconsin farm girl gone very wrong. She has emcee'd everything from LGBT Pride Events to the Ohio Lesbian Fest to (just once) a livestock auction. We promise not to let her use her auctioneer chant.
  • Reid Mihalko, co-founder of Cuddle Party, giving three-way relationship advice.
  • Robert Woodworth, LGBT Community Center.
  • Krishna Stone, Gay Men's Health Crisis. Speaking about the impact of HIV/AIDS.
  • Jim Fleckinstein, Board Member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom; Board Chair, Foundation of the NCSF - with an update on NCSF's current initiatives.
  • Raven Schecter Trio performing "Three little Gays from Shul" and premiering new original poly-themed pieces.
  • Carol Morotti-Meeker, Former Board Member, Foundation of the NCSF. Speaking about raising children in poly families of all sexual orientations.
  • Barbara Foster, co-author of Three in Love: Menages a Trois from Ancient to Modern Times.
  • Sylwia Wdowiak, NY Polyamory Meetup Group. Speaking on the intersection of bisexuality and polyamory.
  • Larkin Grimm, folk singer; with her violinist, a gu-zheng and keyboard player, and five super hot back-up singers.
  • Sanjay Merchant, Opera Singer
  • Sean360x, Neo-soul / Glam / Visual
  • Chris Moschetti, singer/songwriter
  • N'Harmonics, Acappella. Runners-up at the 2008 International Competition of Collegiate Acappella
  • Dani Tersini, pop singer
  • Mara Rosenbloom Quartet, jazz
  • Columbia Taal, Indian dance group

Directions and what to bring:

How to get there:

Take the B or C subway line to the 103rd street stop and walk up 3 blocks to 'Strangers Gate'. Once there, walk up the stone steps. At the top, you will come to a clearing. The stage will be at the far side of the field.

If you are coming from outside the city, we recommend driving to a subway or train station away from the site instead of driving directly to the site. Parking is standard city parking.

For more info, take a look at this map of where Great Hill is located in Central Park.

What to bring:

A blanket, a picnic basket full of food and drink (non-alcoholic), friends, family, poly poetry, a positive attitude and a desire to have a good time.

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